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Let Mr. Lobo Explain!

Cinema Insomnia!

Let Mr. Lobo remind you that They are NOT BAD MOVIES–Just MISUNDERSTOOD!

The Corpse Collective!

Horror movie and music show hosted by the sexiest dudes on the planet!

Watch Horror Films!

All Hosted by the Smokin' Hot Z-Girls!

Zom-Bee TV!

We offer the best that Horror has to offer. Our programming includes horror, exploitation, and sleazy films along with original content geared towards the horror fan!

Z-Girl Nikki!

All of the films that we show on the channel are hosted by one of the the lovely and talented Z-Girls!

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Currently available through Roku devices, we have a ton of programming available to viewers including The Corpse Collective, a horror and hard edged music review black porn show, Cinema Insomnia, in which the talented Mr. Lobo hosts a slew of horror movies, Dead with Dave, a Halloween Haunt effects show, and horror classics hosted by our very own ladies, Elle, Nicole, and Nikki. Video Game and Horror Trailer shows coming soon!